The Front Porch

Our 1870 Greek Revival front porch is a great place for your wedding ceremony. A four-column rain porch, 18 steps from the ground, the front porch has plenty of room for your wedding party. Up to 150 guests can be seated in the The Stone Horse Garden providing a clear view as you say your I do’s. 


The Main Avenue

Live and Willow Oaks line The Main Avenue. There is plenty of room for seating in front of the house. Whether you choose to emerge from inside of the plantation house or have your procession come down the avenue, The Main Avenue places Boxwood in the background providing a picturesque setting for your wedding ceremony.


The Perennial Garden

Boxwoods line the paths of The Perennial Garden. A formal layout allows for your bridal party to weave through the garden in procession. Because of the perennial bloom it is at it’s best in the spring. Guests can be seated on the front lawn.

Carriage House Garden

The Carriage House Garden

The Carriage House Garden lawn offers a great captured corner for a celebration or ceremony. The beautifully landscaped curves are great for a reception or party, but the flowers can also make a great backdrop for a wedding ceremony.

Front Side Area

The Stone Horse Garden

Adjacent to The Front Porch, The Stone Horse Garden is a natural place for guests to sit if you choose a front porch wedding. However, it has a flavor of it’s own and can nicely fit a tent for a reception too. Camellias and perennials line the curves offering a beautiful setting everyone will enjoy.

Side Rain Porch

The Side Rain Porch and Garden

While it’s a bit small for a ceremony The Side Rain Porch and Garden is perfect for a Rehearsal celebration. This area can hold around 50 to 60 people and gives a nice back porch appeal for a dinner or party.


The Children’s Space

We love kids at Boxwood. With 5 grandchildren of our own, the kids have a place too. There is a sand house – play house, a swing set and a rope swing to keep the little one’s from getting bored during your reception or party. Bring some bubbles and balloons and it’s a kid’s party too!

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